Championship Manager – XBox

Championship Manager - Platform: XBox

Recommended players
The following are very good players that are unknown. 
Some of them are young to start, with so you may have 
to wait a bit before you buy them. Some are not very 
good, but once the start playing they will improve. 

Kris Taylor (wait until 2004 before buying him)
Frank Baumann
Daniel Andersson
Willy Sagnol
Martin Djeton
Vinicio Espinal
Inacio Pia
Daniel Osorno
Zoltan Sebescen
Stephane Dalmat
Bernardo Romeo
Daniel Van Buyten
Markus Kreuz
Edwin Congo 

Also try the following players 
Ludwig Freden Klenfelt
Tomas Rosicky
Steve Harper (willing to drop down a few divisions and is 
only 800K at the start) 

Also try the following players 
Vincenzo Montella
Hernan Jorge Crespo
Patrick Kluivert
Julio Ricardo Cruz
Paul Matthijs
Alex Notman
Darren Fletcher (wait until 2003)
Pierre Wome
Diego Cagne
Daniel Nardellio
Emiliano Conti
Alessandro Turchetta
Edwin Congo
Vinicio Espinal (buy him midway through first season)
Willy Sagnol

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