Bejeweled 2 – XBox 360

Bejeweled 2 - Platform: XBox 360

Change jewel types:
Hold LT + LB + RT + RB and press A.
Remove background grid 
Hold LT + LB + RT + RB and press B.

Original mode:
Choose the "Play Game" option, then select the following options in order 
repeatedly: "Classic", "Action", "Endless", then "Puzzle". After several cycles, 
the message "Please Wait" will appear and a version of the game similar to the 
original Bejeweled will begin.

Cognito mode:
Successfully complete all 80 Puzzle mode worlds to unlock Cognito mode.

Finity mode:
Successfully complete 280 levels of Endless mode to unlock Finity mode.

Hyper mode:
Successfully complete 8 levels in Action mode to unlock Hyper mode.

Twilight mode:
Successfully complete 17 levels in Classic mode to unlock Twilight mode.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get Gamerscore points:
Action Mode  : Reach level 9 in Action mode. 
Cascade 8    : Get an x8 Cascade. 
Hyper1000    : Make 1,000 Power Gems total with the games. 
Power10000   : Make 10,000 Power Gems total with the games. 
Classic Mode : Reach level 18 in Classic mode. 
Cognito Mode : Get 50,000 points in Cognito mode. 
Endless Mode : Successfully complete level 280 in Endless mode. 
Finity Mode  : Reach level 9 in Finity mode. 
Hyper Mode   : Reach level 9 in Hyper mode. 
Multi Mode   : Unlock Twilight, Hyper, Cognito, and Finity modes. 
Puzzle Mode  : Successfully complete level 80 in Puzzle mode. 
Twilight Mode: Successfully complete level 10 in Twilight mode.

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