Alien – 20th Anniversary – DVD

Alien - 20th Anniversary - Platform: DVD

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Credits Menu
From the main menu use to highlight Extra Features then 
press left. Press enter and you'll be taken to the DVD 
credits menu.

Flight Plan
Again from the main menu use your remote to highlight 
Scene Selection then press right. Press enter and you'll 
be taken to the 'USCSS Nostromo flight plan' complete 
with crew manifest.

Alien Lifecycle
Jump to the Extra Features menu. Arrow down to the Main 
Menu selection and press down once again. A hole in the 
floor will highlight, then click. There's an in-depth 
analysis of the Alien Lifecycle. If you've never seen the 
movie before leave this one hidden feature till last. It's 
certainly a spoiler - complete with warning!

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