Agent Armstrong – Playstation 1

Agent Armstrong - Platform: Playstation 1

Submitted by: Jeanette Hill

Cheat mode:
The following location must be found to enable cheat mode. 
After game play begins, move to the right until reaching a 
location with a teddy bear. Face the wall and press Circle 
to jump in that direction. A muted sound will confirm this 
portion of the code. Move forward and walk in the next room 
just to the right of this location, which leads down into a 
small room. Press Circle to access a platform. Use this platform 
to reach a playroom and activate cheat mode. The following codes 
may now be enabled. 

Press X(4), Triangle, Circle, X, Square on controller two 
during game play. 

All weapons
Press Circle(3), Triangle(2), X(2), Square on controller two 
during game play. 

Level select
Press Triangle(3), Square(3), X(2), Circle on controller two 
during game play. 

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