Ace Combat 4 – Playstation 2

Ace Combat 4 - Platform: Playstation 2
Bonus Options
Complete all 18 missions then save the game. Load the 
saved game to unlock Special Continue, 
Free Mission, Trial Mission, Scene Viewer & Music Player. 

Unlock Expert Mode
Beat the game in Hard Mode. 

Unlock Ace mode
Beat the game in Expert Mode. 

Unlock the x-o2 stealth
To unlock the x-o2 stealth, get a rank of "s" on all 18 
missions under the normal mode. In order to get the second 
x-02, finish the game getting an "s" rank under the hard 
difficulty setting. This will unlock a black plane. 
Finish the game under the expert mode and this will unlock 
the last x-02, this one is silver but once again you are 
required to recieve an "s" on all missions.

Unlock the tiger striped F-4E
You can also get the tiger striped F-4E by completing the 
game once under any difficult setting, then using the sp. 
Continue option. 

Easy Yellow Destroying
Once you obtain the QAAMs for any ship, use them on the 
yellows. They will continue tracking them down until they hit.

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