7th Saga – Super Nintendo

7th Saga - Platform: Super Nintendo

Get cursed apprentice's magic back
After completing the cave of Kapel you will get cursed and 
your magic will be taken away. You cannot remove your own 
curse without the moonlight. However, you can remove your 
apprentice's curse. Switch apprentices and fight until you 
find your old apprentice again. If he or she asks to join 
you again, their curse will be removed. 

Guntz: Power Seed
The first time you go to Guntz, enter the chief's house and 
search the desk with the open book on it. You should find a 
Power Seed.

Patrof: M-Water
On the quest to find the Star Rune, go into the Tavern (located 
up and right from the Inn). Walk until you are in the top left 
area of the Tavern. Stand on the right side of the wood pile and 
search. The game will say that you found a bottle of M-Water at 
your feet.

Rabelesk: Potion
In Rabelesk, walk up to the jars and search to find a potion.

Experience bog workaround
If you are using a primarily magic using character (or pair of 
characters), you may get stuck or at least severely bogged down 
when you are cursed on the western continent. You may work around 
this by choosing an apprentice (if you do not have one yet) or 
changing apprentices (and perhaps changing back again). 
With your partner's magic, you should be able to get enough 
experience to continue forward, and you also should be able 
to defeat Metal Pison. You may also defeat the dragon blocking the 
way in the frozen lake cave ahead of time, but doing so does not 
allow you to bypass any part of the story, since the Moonlight is 
an essential item later.

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