0 Day Attack On Earth – XBox 360

0 Day Attack On Earth - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of

Gamerscore points:
Enlistment (5 points): Enter the Main Menu.
Crucible (5 points): Clear the game on Normal in single player mode.
Onslaught (5 points): Clear the game on Hard in single player mode.
Wings of Friendship (5 points): Play a CO-OP Mode game.
Sandwich Man (10 points): Kill 10 Sandwich enemies.
Snake Killer (10 points): Kill 10 Snake enemies.
Mosquito Killer (10 points): Kill 10 Mosquito enemies.
Valiant Warrior (20 points): Kill 100 targets in CO-OP Mode.
May Day King (30 points): Got shot down 256 times. 
Ruler of the Universe (50 points): Earned every rank.

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