Zoo Empire

Zoo Empire

Cheat Codes:
During the game press the command below:

Code           Result 
SHIFT+ALT+C  - $100,000
SHIFT+ALT+W  - Get the scenario completed
SHIFT+ALT+L  - Unlock all the scenarios
Shift+Alt+R  - Zoo rating will be 100
Shift+Alt+N  - All animals unlocked
Shift+Alt+I  - All visitors will not live in zoo
Shift+Alt+S  - (Zoo Challenge only) All reaserch complete, 
               all awards and all locked animals in your character

Special animals:
You can unlock animals such as the Asian Black Bear, Przwlaski's Wild
Horse, Albino Gorilla, Chinese Alligator, etc. Research the strongest
fence and go to the bottom of the list of animals. All the ones after
the Chinese Alligator are the ones that can be unlocked unlock during
scenarios. Rainforest Zoo has the Przwlaski's Wild Horse and Asian Black
Bear. Condition:Critical has the Albino Gorilla and Asian Black Bear.

Special terrain maps:
You can also unlock special terrain maps by completing scenarios. 
For example, Rainforest Zoo will unlock the Rainforest zoo terrain.

Add water for animal place:
Submitted by: del

First click the think that can make the land higher, then press shift but 
the shift still being press then use your mouse move it ,then click, after
that there will be water.

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