WWE Raw Ultimate Impact

WWE Raw Ultimate Impact

Submitted by: rajat
Email: rajat960420rana@gmail.com

Do randy orton rko smack down and how to BREAK A PINFALL

this is a type of hint. play as Randy Orton and when the match starts go to the 
place from where superstars come . you will see your opponent(s) running towards 
you and when he just reaches to you quickly press [s+walking backward / s+up arrow].
note :this only works if your opponent is running towards you , not walking.

To break a pin-fall just tap all arrow keys and all function keys i.e. A+S+D at same 
time fastly and quickly. it also functions to wake up your superstar when he is lying 
down quickly. enjoy the game. if you have any other difficulty just ask it on my email

Submitted by: avishkar 

If u want to win fast then-
Pick the following wrestlers and go running towards your enemy and press "S".
These wrestlers will give special smacks by which your voltage(power) will become too high-
Ezekial Jackson - Rock bottom
The Miz         - Chin breaker
Goldust         - Censors kick
Undertaker      - Show stopper(Chokeslam)
Randy orton     - RKO
Finlay          - Manhattan drop
Cm punk         - 2 kicks to the stomach and european uppercut
Shad            - Twisted neckbreaker
This is will help you win fast.

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