Wrestling Encore

Wrestling Encore

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Unlock promotion:
Highlight a promotion at the editing screen and press [Alt] + F. 

Unlock all promotions:
Press [Alt] + P at the promotion selection screen.

Decrease health:
Press [Ctrl] + [End] during a match to decrease the health of all participants.

Reset health:
Highlight a character at the editing screen and press [Backspace] to reset their
health status. 

Re-evaluate all contracts:
Press [Alt] + C at the editing screen to re-evaluate the contracts of all wrestlers.

Random rosters:
Press [Alt] + J at the editing screen.

Steal opponents finisher:
Press [Attack] + [Run] when your special is charged to steal your opponent's finishing

Press [Backspace] during a match to produce a random explosion.

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