World War 2 – Panzer Claws

World War 2 - Panzer Claws

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Press [ENTER] then type any of the following codes: 

Code               Result: 
I'mCheater        - Activate Cheats 
Ups...            - Damage Enemy Buildings 
EagleEye          - Reveal Map 
ByeBye            - Destroy Selected Item 
HastaLaVistaBaby  - Destroy All Units 
GoToHell          - Destroy All Enemy Units 
MoneyMoneyMoney # - Get Money (Amount = #) 
StrongMan         - Heal All Selected Units 
BlitzKrieg        - Unknown Effect

Use the Game Editor:
* For those of you who have always needed help in skirmish battles 
  (especially against the medium or hard difficulty) you can use the
  in-game editor to make things easier.
* Open a skirmish map in the editor and customize everything in it, 
  like adding/ deleting production points, units (to any team), and 
  other adjustments.

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