Who wants to be a Millionaire? 2nd Edition

Who wants to be a Millionaire? 2nd Edition

Submitted by: rickHH

* Try to use lifelines in this order: Audience Poll, Phone a Friend,
  50/50. People who use 50/50 on a question they have no clue about 
  usually end up burning a second lifeline on the same question, 
  which is worthless. Therefore, save the least useful for last. 

* The Phone a Friend and Audience Poll lifelines can be wrong, but
  usually aren't. Trust them when in doubt. 

* Want to really simulate the experience? Here's an idea. Actually
  phone a real friend when you want to use that lifeline! Sure, 
  they might think you're nuts, but it'll add some oomph to your

Easy questions:
Enter "Regis Philbin" as a name. The name entry will change to 
"Fibber" to confirm correct code entry. 

Harder questions:
Enter "John Carpenter" as a name.

Make Regis mad:
Start a multi-player game and intentionally get incorrect answers.
Keep doing this until Regis says that he gives up. The game will 
then quit.

Extra time:
Press "L" when you need more time to think. This will show your 
lifelines. After Regis says "You don't want to use a lifeline?" 
and the lifeline screen disappears, it will be at the same time 
as it was before you pressed "L". 
Keep repeating this until you know the answer.

Alternately, when Regis asks the question press [Esc] to stop the

Default names:
Do not enter a name when prompted to enter one. Let Regis talk, 
and eventually he will give you a name such as "Einstein", "Kathy 
Lee", and "Cody.

Different Names From Regis:
When the game asks you what your name is, enter these in. You will 
get a different response from Regis and he'll enter in a new name 
for you. Hey, it don't thik it helps game play but sometimes its 

Code                         Effect	
Dan Blonsky (2nd mill.)    - Regis: "I bet!" New name: Wannabe
John Carpenter (1st mill.) - Regis: "Nice try." New name: Fakey Fakerson
(don't type in anything)   - Regis: "Suit yourself." New name: Kathie Lee
Joe Trela (3rd mill.)      - Regis: "Yeah, you wish!" New name: Phony
Regis Philbin (him)        - Regis: "Oh no! There's only one me!" 
                             New name: Charlatan

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