The Sims 2 – Mansion and Garden Stuff

The Sims 2 - Mansion and Garden Stuff

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Torrey

When your person is pergnat type in(forcetwins) and your person will
have twins instead of one baby.

Get Heaps Of Money:
Submitted by: Ebony

Press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+C at the same time than tipe in motherlode over and
over and you get heaps of money and if you get sick of typing just hold 
down shift and press "v" and then enter and you will have millions.

Do anything: 
Submitted by: shayshay

okay this works and its cool get cheat box up(ctrl,shift,c)and the type in boolProp 
testingCheatsEnabled true and press Enter be aware for Capital letters and spaces 
shift click on your mailbox and you can make them know EVERYONE and alot more if you 
shift click on your sim you ca kill them make them witches or make it there birthday 
and get them a A in school and set there aspiration level to gold and if you ahift 
click on your sims paper you can set there job level to as high as you want and also 
any job thaat is posible on sims you can have.

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