Text Twist

Text Twist

Use Those S's to Pluralize:
If you happen to get a smattering of six letters that includes an "S", you 
can easily get away by creating a large number of "extra" words by utilizing 
it to pluralize your existing submissions. You can effectively (almost) 
double your three- and four-letter words, adding "dots", "bots", and "bits" 
to their singular renditions. This is one of the easiest ways to rack up 
the points and propel into the highest Text Twist scores on the web. 

Exploit Standard Word Forms:
Much like the main part of tip #4, you can "exploit" standard word forms in 
Text Twist. Even if the result doesn't sound like a real word to you, it very 
well could be (and just not be a part of your usual vernacular). Endings like 
"it" can form several different words: "bit", "sit", "hit", etc. Exploit that 
to your benefit, using all of the remaining characters to precede the "it" 
word ending. This is just one example; I'm sure you can find many, many more.

Look at Your Previous Submissions:
It may not be the most useful when it comes to getting the target word (it can 
be, though), but looking at your previous submissions can give you ideas for 
what words are possible with the current spread of letters. So you entered the 
word "dot", are there any other words that can build on that base? Maybe "dote",
"dots", or even "idiot"? Some versions of Text Twist even put your previous 
submissions in alphabetical order (grouping them by length first). 
So, if you see "bet" and "jet" with one missing word in between, it could very 
well be "get", for example.

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