Star Trek – Captain’s Chair

Star Trek - Captain's Chair

Klingon War Bird:
Submitted by: DJ Simo

To get the War Bird, go to the left tactical controller and enter 81598 as the spacecraft ID.

Submitted by: Terry Foster

Go to bridge of NCC 1701,locate Defence Computer Display from index. Click on pairs of buttons
to find matching ships, which then disappear!

Klingon bridge: 
On the bridge of the Enterprise NCC 1701-D, sit at the captain's chair. Then access captain's 
panel R, press the security code button on the touch pad and you will receive a number. Go to
Tactical and access Tactical interface (left); here there is a number pad on which you can 
input that number. You are immediately taken to the Klingon bridge.

Play Ping Pong:
Go to the engineering panel on the original Enterprise. Click on the upper left panel, then 
click on the green flashing button. Voila! It's a ping pong game!

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