Level Codes:
Submitted by: Muhammad kashif

These are the different level codes, just
click on use password and enter the password.

L1 = utfooke
L2 = qbffekt
L3 = nnshufq
L4 = fjrlsrv
L5 = ggkbrab

L1 = cxkbiff
L2 = krhfrch
L3 = kiiudkn
L4 = pqklcvy
L5 = eowlecf
L6 = blknlkp

L1 = vicphnn
L2 = wpwqlan
L3 = posgsno
L4 = txqrowb
L5 = pexiwkq
L6 = pqqbgam
L7 = qxwwnte

-=Very Hard=-
L1 = uaaeksw
L2 = ivyfvnu
L3 = vyfukni
L4 = dunvexp
L5 = wlbsneo

Make a high score:
Submitted by: Muhammad kashif

If u want to make a high score then u have to play the
wicked level:
In last stage at 628 meter when u reach near puppy try to drop 3
or 4 bombs near puppy if u explode three bomb go deeper in 3 meter
more the game will start again but your remaing score will keep 

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