Shadow Complex

Shadow Complex

Regenerate Health and Ammo Quickly:
Health and ammo at save points does not regenerate quickly on its own,
and its usually not enough to meet your needs. After saving at a check
point, leave the room then pause the game and choose "Load Checkpoint."
This will save your ammo and health settings and warp you back to the 
checkpoint where the health and ammo is available for pickup once again!

The Locations of Everything:
When you reach level 20, the map is unlocked with locations all items, 
weapons and more, all represented on the map (they will appear as "?").

Color Coding:
The following barriers can be penetrated by the weapons listed below:

Red    - Missiles.
Purple - Foam.
Blue   - Friction Dampener.
Orange - Fire Arms
Green  - Grenades.

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