Severance – The Blade of Darkness

Severance - The Blade of Darkness

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

Use a text editor to edit the "" file in the "scripts" folder. Add the 
following lines at the end of the file to enable cheat mode: 

import cheats

Then, press one of the following keys during game play. Start the game, press 
[F1], enter one of the following codes, then press [F1] again to activate the 
cheat function. 

Result                    Key
Small sword             - 1 
Big sword               - 2 
Big shield              - 3 
Small shield            - 4 
Create lightsaber       - G 
Start lightsaber        - K 
Toggle invincibility    - [F10] 
Move camera left        - [F5] 
Move camera right       - [F6] 
Change MOV              - P 
Sleepy Hollow type gore - H  
Mutational gore         - M 
Matrix type gore        - X 
Level skip              - [F9] 
Level up                - [F8] 

Cheat mode (alternate):
Enter one of the following codes. 
Note: The game may need to be completed first before they 
can be activated.

Result                       Code 
Maximum HP and stamina     - allmighty  
All weapons                - tothepoint  
All items                  - itemsgalore  
All keys for current level - doorsnomore  
Level skip                 - levelend  
Maximum level gain         - levelheaded  

Use a text editor to edit the "" file in the "config" folder. 
Add the following line at the end of key binding section, where [key] 
is any available key: 


Add the same line in the "" in the "scripts" folder. 
Press the key that was bound during game play to toggle invincibility. 

Edit character:
Use a text editor to edit the "" file in the "stats" folder. 
Any character stat can be edited.

Submitted by: Partha Pradeep Mishra

Open the game folder Blade Of Darkness and then open Scripts folder and 
then again open Combos folder then delete all the files present inside 
the folder except, AmzCombos.pyc,, BarCombos.pyc,, KgtCombos.pyc, and DwfCombos.pyc. Then start 
the game and you will see a magic that not a single enemy will attack you.
Try this cheat.

LEVEL 1 TABRIZ (Sargon):
In this level you will have trouble in killing the Chaos. To kill him 
easily just don't go in his sight. Enter the room which is just in front
of Chaos. There you will find 2 traitors. Kill him using your Maze sword
and then you will see two fireball moving in opposite direction to each
other. You can cross them by running with a very high speed. Pick the 
Power Potion and don't drink it. Just return back to the place where 
Chaos is there. Drink there and fight with him. You can easily kill him
with the loss of a few lives.

Tablets are very essential in this game to obtain the power of Ianna sword.
You will find it in different areas such as.

(i)Fortress of Tell-Halaf
(ii)Mines Of Kalbegan
(iii)Tombs Of Ephyra
(iv)Fortress Of Nemrut
(v)Oasis Of Nejev
(vi)Temple Of Al-Farum

You may be facing some problems in obtaining the tablet in Oasis Of Nejev.
To get it stand in the middle trigger and without moving shoot at the four
triggers and then you will see that you will easily get it.

You may have trouble fighting with the Greatdemon to kill him easily 
quickly get closer to his body and then raise THE RAGE OF THE GODDESS
quickly one time and run as far as you can. Your energy when again gets
full again from far distance raise THE IANNA'S LIGHT and if you are 
perpendicular straight in front but far from Greatdemon he will surely 
die. You can also do this process along with Ldemon but timing is necessary.

Edit character:
Use a text editor to edit the "" file in the "stats" folder. 
Any character stat can be edited.

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