Pax Imperia – Eminent Domain

Pax Imperia - Eminent Domain

Submitted by: Jarod Kachovich

I have found yet another cheat you know the old research cheat i 
have thought about it and i came up with this one, much better 
than the old one.

First you need to have a hex editor like normal, than you goto 
search and find the 0014 0000 0014 0000 0014 0000 0014 0000 0014 0000, 
than dont worry bout changing the 14 into FF cos it doesnt matter much 
look at the four 0's behind the 14's and change them into F's, so it 
would look like this 
0014 FFFF 0014 FFFF 0014 FFFF 0014 FFFF 0014 FFFF. 
And there you have around 16 770 000% in each research field. 

I hope you like this cheat if you have any questions my MSN is

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