Pax Imperia 2

Pax Imperia 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Indra Permata Dinda

Starting your empire: better test your starting position. If you have
many opponents, check out that no one is directly nearby. Start on the
edge of the map. It's important to find several green planets (very fast
population growth) in range of the start-position. Build another
transporter immediately and send the other off at once (Speed = 0). The
research should go 100% on research buildings (750 points, 3750 points)
and then on construction. Build these buildings very fast on your planet
and start all your new planets with research. This is a very important
phase. After some time (hope to have no encounters yet) you can start
researching some weapons, shields and basic spaceship equipment like fast
tactical engines. But do most research on weapons and shields at the
beginning, for they are the most important at that time. When you have
some destroyers (don+t research or use rockets -> trash) you should
research very fast for better colonizing units (Class C). Never build a
ship with old weapons when you found new technology, e.g. the waveshield.

The Elarians don't like espionage, so don't pay any money for it (0%).

Planets: at the beginning, finding and choosing the right planets is
very important. Green is best with high wealth, orange is OK when having
more than 10 population with at least 3 wealth. Don+t build colonies on
red planets in the beginning; they have no population growth. This and
efficient research are the keys for your superiority in the virtual galaxy.

When you find a green planet with a high wealth and population, then
start constructing buildings and later a wharf in the orbit to build fast
transporters for more colonization.

Research in mid-game: try to skip useless things like the tactical
drives with defense bonus (takes too long to research). I don+t research
any warp drives for more than 2 jump range, because I never needed them.
But: to get the biggest ship fast you need to research the neutronium (in
the field of shields) and some other warp-engines and fundamental
research. Try fast to develop the biggest ships. While waiting for
research (Speed = 5) don+t forget to look from time to time after your
colonies that they always build what you want.

Computer-research: very stupid. Never stressed on a special field
(like "How do I get the best shield in the galaxy?"), it just goes through
all topics with 750 points, then all with 3750 and so on.

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