Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Nightraider

Cheat mode:
Start game, goto console (hit F1) and enter the following
cheats, then hold down F4 and press ENTER (hit F1 again 
to exit console): 

Code        Result
VAMONOS   - Level Skip.
MRFURIOSO - Become Invencible.
ITEM      - Get Item (Where x Is In Range 1-152).
VIDA      - Restore Energy.
MAGIA     - Restore Magic.

The following cheats do not need F4 to be held down 
for activation: 

Code        Result
BBOX      - Toggle Properties For Objects.
DACTORS   - Toggle Properties For Actors.
GRID      - Toggle Block Grid.
CLS       - Clear Console.
VIDMEM    - Show Video Memory.
SETFPS    - Set FPS.

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