Mind Grind

Mind Grind

Cheat Codes:
The game is meant to crack your cranium but it was decided that
not being able to save the game in progress was a little too 
tough for most trivia buffs. Now anyone who has a copy of the 
game that does not have the Save Game Option (elicited by the
F10 Key), can either download the patch from GameSpot, Micro
Forum’s web-site (www.microforum.com) or by calling Microforum's
technical support at (416)656-6369 and have the update sent to 
them on floppy diskette. 

Keep in mind, to keep the game a challenge, no matter when you 
save, the Resume Game option will place you at the very 
beginning of the level you saved on. It wouldn't be fair to be
able to save after every question you answered correctly now 
would it? That'd be like cheating.

Okay, a few more words of advise for the trivia lover... be 
warned that good old Newton Knowmore keeps track of your worst
category. Whenever there is an opportunity, he will throw a 
question from your most hated topic back at you before you can

When you reach the "Pillars of Wisdom", act fast in selecting
your next move. The wonderful tornados will pick you up and 
drop you back down to the bottom of the line if you don't make
your selections quickly. If you get the question wrong twice
on any one pillar, Newton Knowmore will take the pillar away, 
completely. You have to set another line of attack when this 
happens, therefore it is a good idea to try to negotiate your
way up the middle of the layout. 

In the "Maze of the Mind" there is always a special door, It
may not be one of the doors you must go through to get to the
exft of the maze. This door after opening will launch a ultra-
cool door opening video sequence that plays with no explanation
This, my friend, means you have been awarded a second life. If,
later in the game, you get crushed in the *Platforms of Insight
or smacked by a meteor while "Looking for signs of Intelligent
Life" you will be given a second chance to finish the game.

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