Hi Octane

Hi Octane

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes:

Funktions             Code
Destroy yourself    - [Alt] + [F1]
Destroy all enemies - [Alt] + [F2]
Full fuel           - [Alt] + [F3]
Full ammo           - [Alt] + [F4]
Full shield         - [Alt] + [F5]
One lap remaining   - [Alt] + [F6]
Auto-pilot on       - [Alt] + Y
Auto-pilot off      - [Alt] + C

Puzzle mini-game:
Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Tab] during game play.
Note: The race will still continue during the mini-game.

Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Tab] to return to normal game play.
Note: The puzzle must be solved in some versions of the
game before cheats can be used.

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