Half Life – Poke646

Half Life - Poke646

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: jens lohse
Info: http://www.poke646.com/

Cheat mode:
Load game with the command line: hl.exe -dev -toconsole. 
Then, press ~ if the orange text on the screen does not 
During gameplay, press ~ to display the text prompt and 
type in sv_cheats 1. 
Press ~ and enter one of the following cheat. 

Result                                Code 
God mode                            - god
All weapons; press [Up] + [Enter]   - impulse 101
No clipping mode                    - noclip
Spawn gibs and blood                - impluse 102
Opponents ignore character          - notarget
Third person view                   - thirdperson
First person view                   - firstperson

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