Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievement. To view your 
achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search for the 
game hub that corresponds to [Feist]. Select the "View Stats" drop down 
option, then choose the option for your username's achievements.

Achievement         How to unlock
Avenger           - Defeat all beasts.
Barbecue          - Lure 10 ticks into a fenlight.
Escape artist     - Free yourself from the crate in under a minute.
Flycatcher        - Catch a fly in mid-air.
Ouch!             - Defeat a beast with a stick.
Pure luck!        - Avoid all the pit traps.
Run like hell     - Escape the collapsing mine without being crushed.
Stockpile         - Use all burrs by the river.
Strong cover      - Don't get hit by a dart trap before the cave.
Troublemaker      - Provoke an inchworm to hit another.
Vegetarian        - Complete a chapter without eating a midge.
Ward off the evil - Parry a sting projectile.
Watch your toes   - Roll a boulder over a fly.

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