F1 Championship Season 2000

F1 Championship Season 2000

Cheat Codes:
Edit your player file (.PLR file) and add the following lines to the 
[GAMEOPTIONS] section: 


The Medical and Safety cars are just two bonus cars you can 
drive, they do not function as medical/safety/pace cars in 
the game. In fact, the cars are pretty lame looking and do not 
handle or perform anything like the real Mercedes-Benz vehicles 
because they have been given the VEH file from an F1 car, they 
don't even have a correct cockpit view. 

The 2-seater is the training car from the "school" mode. 

Theme Art is just some alternative background graphics for some 
of the menu screens.
No great shakes here, you probably won't even notice the difference. 

The 3 certificate levels are graduations from the 3 training 
school phases (Indy, Monza, Suzuka).

More qualifying runs:
During qualifying, you will normally have to do a minimum of three 
laps to achieve a qualifying time (first lap out of pits, timed lap 
then slow down lap). Because you only have twelve laps maximum to use, 
you can in effect create more qualifying runs by simply pressing [Esc] 
the moment that you cross the start/finish line after your timed lap. 
This will in effect allow a maximum of six qualifying runs instead of 
the normal four. This also has the benefit of allowing you to only put
in two laps worth of fuel, making your car lighter and quicker. 
By using this method you should be able to even get a Minardi on pole 

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