Dungeon Defenders Eternity

Dungeon Defenders Eternity

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Crafting ingredients:
Complete the indicated map in Campaign mode to obtain the listed crafting
ingredients. The amount obtained depends on the difficulty setting. 

Insane : 9, 6, 3 
Hard   : 6, 4, 2 
Normal : 4, 3, 1 
Easy   : 3, 2, 1 

Each map has three ingredients, with the most common listed first, and rarest last.

The Deeper Well       : Bat Wing, Crystal, Eternia Fragment.
Foundries and Forges  : Gum Drop, Iron Ore, Dragon Scale.
Magus Quarters        : Eyes of Newt, Gold Flake, Dragon Teeth.
Dread Dungeon         : Frogs Foot, Leather Hide, Obsidian Gem.
Alchemical Laboratory : Eyes of Newt, Primtstone, Dragon Heart.
Servants Quarters     : Wood Log, Stone, Diamond.
Castle Armory         : Cloth Scrap, Leather Hide, Dragon Scale.
Arcane Library        : Wood Logs, Cloth Scraps, Crystals.
The Throne Room       : Eyes of Newt, Gold Flakes, Diamond.
Royal Gardens         : Frog's Feet, Primstone, Dragon Teeth.
The Ramparts          : Wood Log, Iron Ore, Dragon Scale.
The Magus Citadel     : Bat Wing, Stone, Dragon Heart.
Endless Spires        : Cloth Scrap, Iron Ore, Dragon Teeth.
The Summit            : Wood Log, Gold Flakes, Dragon Heart.
Mistymire Forest      : Frog's Feat, Leather Hides, Eternia Fragment.
Moraggo Desert Town   : Bat Wings, Stones, Obsidian Gem.
Aquanos               : Gum Drops, Gold Flakes, Crystal.
Sky City              : Cloth Scraps, Primstone, Dragon Heart.
Embermount Volcano    : Gum Drop, Stone, Diamond.

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