3D Ultra Lionel Train Town Deluxe

3D Ultra Lionel Train Town Deluxe

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

The v1.1 patch is required for cheats to be enabled. Press [Shift] + 
during game play, then enter one of the following codes and press [Enter]
Note: Jobs completed with a cheat enabled will be flagged with a check
mark and cannot earn a blue ribbon.

Result                                       Code
Unlock jobs in job                         - brian
Turn off speed limits until the end of job - neal
Unload selected                            - paul
300 second time                            - chris
30 second time                             - andrew
Mark current job completed                 - lionel
Give all trains speed                      - moveit
Turn off speed limits                      - kelle
Repair zapped tracks and broken switches   - jcarey
Remove one-way tracks near the car         - cominthru
User controls all cars                     - gimme
Repair all track problems in entire layout - fixall
Assign any load to selected car            - load
Load selected car with number              - 
Train runs without refueling               - nofuel

View credits:
Allow the game to idel at the main menu, or click the pencil hanging at 
the sign-in screen to view the game's credits. Press [Up] or [Down] to 
scroll, hold [Shift] to scroll faster, or hold [Ctrl] for alternate text.

Seperated Train:
Put the cars you want to separate over a switch.Bring another train close
enough to the switch, just enough to change the direction of the switch. 
get the train out of the way!! move the other train forward, and the cars
will separate from the train! Careful, though! if the separated end collides
with ANYTHING, "That's a fender-bender!"

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