2025 – Battle for Fatherland

2025 - Battle for Fatherland

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By 2025 our worst fears have been realized. Distrust, fear and death 
stalk the nations of the world, turning friend against friend and 
breeding petty jealousies and hatred amongst once stalwart allies. As
part of the Peacekeeping Forces' special troops, you've decided it's 
time someone made a stand. How you take down this powerful enemy is up
to you; the varied mission structure will place you up against troops,
tanks and even the stalking menace of battle-mechs. But it's not just 
about running in all guns blazing, pinpoint guerilla attacks can behead
the enemy. 

* 2025: Battle for the Fatherland is a third-person shooter offering the
  player opportunities for extensive unit customization.
* It utilizes the powerful game engine used in Heavy Duty - providing the
  impressive inverse kinematics animation technique. 
* A geographic mission structure allowing you to see what is happening in 
  bordering states. 
* Huge arsenal of futuristic weaponry including the stomping assassins, 
* Compelling story and engaging main character draws the player into this 
  violent, near-future world.

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